Buddhism: Way of Life & Thought (Paperback)

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Explains the origins, development and basic principles of the religion followed by nearly one-quarter of the people on earth.

About the Author

Nancy Wilson Ross (1901-1986) was a novelist, social historian, and longtime student of Asian life and thought. Her novels include The Left Hand Is the Dreamer; I, My Ancestor; and The Return of Lady Brace. Her nonfiction works include The World of Zen and Three Ways of Asian Wisdom: Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen.

Praise For…

"No better, no more clear and attractive guide to an understanding of the simple yet penetrating principles of the great Indian teacher's philosophy could be imagined than this work of Nancy Wilson Ross."

-- Harrison Salisbury

"The lucid and graceful ease with which Nancy Wilson Ross reviews the history and elucidates the methods of the great schools of Buddhism is unmatched -- as far as I know -- in the literature of the subject. Buddhism: A Way of Life and Thought will be for scholars as delightful a refreshment of their interest and learning as it will be an enlightening and fascinating introduction for readers only now discovering this first and greatest of the world religions." -- Joseph Campbell

"A clear, exhilarating exposition of the Buddhist way, well understood, well made, fun to read, and simple in the very best sense of the word -- just as it should be!" -- Peter Matthiessen
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ISBN: 9780394747545
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Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: October 12th, 1981
Pages: 224
Language: English
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